Three feeding essentials that you don't want to skip for baby Snow muslin quilt with baby wearing romper

Something To Chew On: 3 Baby Feeding Essentials

What are the "must-have" Baby Feeding Essentials?

When it comes to feeding your cub, there's 500,000 opinions, products and tchotchke's folks will tell you that you'll *have* to have on hand. Here's the skinny: every kid is different. What your bestie's kids needed will likely be different than what your cub needs. And that's 100% ok. If you're starting out, here's our 50 cents on the three baby feeding essentials that will make mealtime a little easier and your kitchen cabinets a little less cluttered:

1. Do-it-all bowls

Things to look out for in good baby bowls for 6-12 months are ideally made out of food-grade silicone, so you know it's free of BPA's, Phthalates and other words that are hard to spell. Next, for baby first food essentials it's got to be able to go in the microwave and when you're done with meal time it should be able to go straight in the dishwasher with the rest of your dinnerware. Lastly, look for designs that are simple, and have the ability to stay in place while your cub flails their arms around. Grab a couple in the same color-this helps avoid future sibling or friend meltdowns too!

2. Foodie-in-the-making silicone utensils

Is your baby ready to embark on a culinary adventure? Or are we generally still in the territory where learning how to hold a utensil is still the first task to master? If it's the latter that's on your priority list, start with a baby led weaning set otherwise known as baby led weaning utensils. These silicone baby feeding options help with developing fine motor skills and can also make great teethers at mealtime when it comes to toddler feeding. 

3. Toddler Silverware

Toddler utensils are a no-brainer when it comes to baby feeding essentials. Go for spoons and forks sets that can be thrown in the dishwasher once mealtime is over. When your cub has graduated from the baby led weaning utensils, set them up with kids silverware that has a food-grade silicone handle, so it will be easier to grip. They'll be able to use these for a few years before looking for the "big kids" silverware. And even though it may seem ridiculous to give them a utensil set that includes a teeny knife that can't cut very much, it will help them model the action of using their knife and fork just like the adults at the table. Everything is a learning opportunity, even if it doesn't feel that way.